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13 grudnia na PC


Your Feedback Requested: Future Balance Updates V2


So, Volume Two of the Future Balance Changes. We've recently updated with patches that have changed some balance items, and the community has responded with feedback. This list includes some direct responses to that feedback, as well as a very important issue close to several player's hearts: Aggressive Recon.


Bolt action sniper rounds now have a chance to kill at close range if the player is hit in the upper chest.


Why are we making this change?

-Aggressive Recon was a popular (and controversial) play style in BFBC2, the fact that the playstyle is essentially not present in BF3 has been a disappointment to many players.

-The balance issues of BC2 (Magnum ammo increasing the 1 hit kill range) is not present in BF3, the range is set and cannot be improved by players. Additionally the 1 hit kill is not guaranteed in BF3, the target is small and can be blocked by the player's arms.

-Additionally, all kits have access to the Slug shotguns, the 870 pump with slugs is still far superior to a bolt action rifle at close range. It is faster, and it can hit anywhere in the torso to 1 hit kill, though it lacks the accuracy of the snipers at range.

-Finally, Recon is under represented in the game, especially in CQB game modes, giving the Recon player a place in CQB is important to us as developers.


And yes, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I changed my mind. I hope this change pleases the Recon players, and I believe it will not negatively impact the game for the rest of you.

-Alan "Demize99" Kertz


It’s important to note:

• This list is provided as a way for the Community to give us feedback on potential Balance changes to the game.

• This list is specifically focused on Balance changes. Feature requests and bug fixes are purposefully absent from this list.

• There is no guarantee that any of these Balance changes will make it into a future update at all, nor is this list a guarantee that there will be future updates.



Slightly increased the AEK971 recoil.

Slightly increased the ASVAL recoil.

Added Extended Mags to the ASVAL.

Slightly increased the recoil on the M249.

Reduced the recoil of the SKS rifle.

Fixed aimed firing max accuracy on the Pecheneg to be consistent with other LMGs.

Slightly reduced the recoil of the F2000 and restored it to the previous base accuracy.

Semiautomatic and automatic shotguns firing FRAG rounds now do slightly less splash damage.

Increased the damage of the G3, M60, and M240 at close range.


Claymores can now detonate from vehicles and can be used to disable jeeps or kill the passengers in light jeeps. Claymores will not do any damage to heavy vehicles.

Reduced the spot times on C4 and Claymore projectiles from 30 to 15 sec.

The Radio Beacon, Mortar, Mav, EOD bot, T-UGS, and SOFLAM should now be much easier to deploy.

C4 will no longer be detonatable after a player respawns, if the player is revived within 5 seconds he can still detonate his C4.

The player may now have a maximum number of mines which will persist after the player's death. Deploying more than the maximum of 6 mines will remove a previous mine from the world.

Claymores now also persist through death, the player can have 2 claymores planted.


9x39mm rounds no longer benefit from the Sniper headshot bonus.

Increased the damage of the 9x39mm rounds.

Fixed the AKS74u damage at max range, it was incorrectly higher than other carbines.

Increased the damage of the .357 and .44 magnum rounds at max range.

All semiautomatic and bolt weapons, including all shotgun slugs, now have their maximum damage out to 15m.

Semiautomatic sniper rifles, Assault Rifles, LMGs, and shotgun slugs now have more consistent damage over long range.


Tweaked IRNV to be more consistent across all levels.

Fixed a rendering issue with IRNV view when taking damage.

Tweaked the IRNV zoom times and scope visible areas to be the same across all weapons (some were faster than others).

Fixed the QBU-88 sniper and the L96 IRNV scopes to use the proper aiming reticule.


The spread for Flechette rounds has been reduced slightly on all shotguns.

The spread for buckshot has been reduced on the M1014, DAO-12, and S12k. These weapons have an accuracy advantage over the USAS12 but are not as accurate as the 870.


Semiautomatic weapons will no longer "jam" if the player presses fire faster than the weapon is capable of shooting. Some semi automatic weapons have had their rates of fire adjusted to fit this change.


Slightly reduced the effective blast radius of the RPG, SMAW, and 40mm grenade projectiles against infantry.

Reduced the total number of RPG and SMAW missiles carried from 5 to 4.


Tank rounds will now instantly destroy Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.

Fixed a problem when locking on to two nearby targets, the locking should no longer jump rapidly between multiple targets.

Significantly increased the damage of the Javelin and Air to Ground missiles against laser designated targets.

Javelin missiles fired without laser targeting now do more damage to the side and rear of MBTs.

Slightly reduced the locking time of all weapons vs Laser Designated targets.

Increased the locking distance for Jets when locking on laser designated targets.

Slightly reduced the repair speed of the repair tool.

Increased the damage the MBT's primary weapon does to other main battle tanks.

AA Missiles should no longer kill the pilot instead of the vehicle.

Reduced the damage AA missiles do to jets.

Stinger and IGLA missiles now do 50% damage to Jets, Attack Helicopters, and Scout Helicopters.

Slightly reduced the damage of Jet cannons.

Increased RPG and SMAW damage against aircraft.

Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended.

Reduced the direct damage done by helicopter gunners vs armor.

Helicopter guns should now suppress correctly.

Improved the accuracy of the Mi28 gun to match the AH1 gun.

Increased the direct hit damage of the APFSDS rounds for the IFVs.

Miniguns and Helicopter Gunners now more quickly destroy parked cars.

Increased the power of explosions from cars and other explosive static objects.

Dying from the explosion of a car or other explosive static object should now correctly credit the player who caused the explosion.

Adjusted the F35's Center of Mass and Lift Engine for more stable, level flight.

Updated the F35 weapon systems to be consistent with the other air craft.

Changed the Kornets to TOW launchers on Wake Island and moved the spawn position of the AAV to a more level position.

Fixed several bugs with air vehicles colliding with objects at high speeds and taking no damage.

Players will no longer receive suicides or team kills if they crash their vehicle (dying is punishment enough).

You can now spot with the EODbot.


Increased the spawn protection time from 1sec to 2sec. The protection will still be immediately canceled as soon as the player moves or shoots.

Spawn protection will no longer be canceled by the player looking around.

Slightly increased the speed at which a player can shoot again after sprinting.

Fixed some situations that would unintentionally make a player unrevivable.

Reduced the black screen fade in time on spawn.


Edited by vinoo

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Dla tych co niemaja dodatku B2K informuje że na Origin [Adwentowy kalendarz Origin] w dniach 9 i 13 będą jakieś promocje z Bf3 [możliwe że któregoś dnia będzie B2K]


Dzisiaj kupując BF3 dostajesz BC2 gratis, a 13 będzie z MoHem.

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Pany a wiecie może jak usunąć z Origina betę BF3?


Grałem wczoraj pierwszy raz na nowym patchu i jeśli chodzi broń ppan to nie zauważyłem różnicy.Dalej mam problem z rozwaleniem czołgu bo mi ammo braknie.Nie wiem co jest grane :blink:



Pamietaj, zeby walic w tyl no a jak juz nie masz wyjscia to w bok pod katem 90 stopni, wtedy jest najwiekszy DMG


Bo jesli bedziesz walic w przod to moze byc lipa. Musisz wziac pod uwage jeszcze to, ze mechanik mogl wyjsc z pojazdu i go naprawiac jak Ty do niego waliles ;)



Mimo wszystko przed swietami jak bede mial wiecej czasu rozbiore PC na czesci pierwsze i zobacze co jest nie tak ;) Bo dziwne jest to, ze mam nizszego FPSa niz 560 ;)

Edited by Buziak

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Dzieki , zarobiles plusa odemnie

ale Ja niestety nie mam pliku InstalledGames.xml w katalogu Origin :/ co znalazlem w katalogach Programdata i User

posiada tylko jeden wpis odpowiedzialny za BF3 , widac kolejne niescislosci i braki programistow E.A

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Tak przy okazji, lista przyszlych promocji w originie:


11. 30% zniżki na Need for Speed The RUN

12. Kup FIFA 12, a otrzymasz kupon na 40% zniżki na przyszły zakup w sklepie Origin

13. Kup grę Battlefield 3 - dostaniesz grę Medal of Honor gratis!

14. Kup grę podstawową The Sims™ 3 - dostaniesz 50% zniżki na dodatek The Sims™ 3: Zwierzaki

15. Bulletstorm za 24,90 zł

16. Wszystkie pakiety akcesoriów do gry The Sims™ 3 50% taniej

17. 50% zniżki na grę FIFA Manager 12

18. Kup grę Battlefield 3 - dostaniesz 50% zniżki na serwer Multiplay!

19. Dead Space 2 za 24,90 zł

20. Dragon Age 2 50% taniej

21. Battlefield Bad Company 2 za 24,90 zł

22. Kup grę FIFA Manager 12 - dostaniesz FIFA Manager 12 Live Season gratis

23. Kup grę Battlefield 3 - dostaniesz 50% zniżki na Powrót do Karkand

24. Korzystaj z 40% rabatu na wspaniałe gry dostępne w sklepie Origin - The Sims™ 3 Pets, NFS the Run, Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 2

25. Podaj w koszyku specjalny kod "ADVENT", aby uzyskać 40% zniżki na swoje zamówienie. Oferta nie dotyczy zamówień wstępnych, punktów, kart abonamentu oraz gier BF3 i FIFA 12.

26. Kup grę FIFA 12 - dostaniesz 50% zniżki na grę FIFA Manager 12



/LE za 80 zl wciaz do wziecia ;)

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Niezłe jajo, pamietam ze w tym pliku zmienialem tak jak na reddit i beta mi zniknela, a teraz... nigdzie tego pliku nie moge znalezc. :blink:


Nie szukaj tylko spróbuj od razu ścieżkę dostępu wpisać C:\ProgramData\Origin\InstalledGames.xml
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Poszło po plusiku :oops:

Tak jak Rafa napisał wystarczy podać ścieżkę,ale ja skorzystałem z Totala i po edycji pliku beta zniknęła :lol2: Dzięki Pany :wink:

Teraz kolejne pytanie:czy jak włączacie Orgina to też Wam muli całego kompa na chwilkę?U mnie jest efekt zwisu,ale na przykład radio internetowe gra przez ten czas bez problemu.Zamarza tylko sam ekran :blink:

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Nie. Nic nie możesz robić czy wolno reaguje? Sprawdź zużycie cpu przez proces origina w trakcie włączania. Kiedyś winda łapała mi freeza przy włączaniu tlena, jedynie kursor działał, po paru sek. wracało do normy. Kombinowałem i w końcu nic nie wykombinowałem ;] reinstalacja jedynie pomogła.


GUI rewelacja, znacznie lepiej rozwiązane niż poprzednie fanmade'y. Commo Rose też niczego sobie, zobaczymy jak wypadnie nowa wersja CR w następnym patchu. Tutaj kolejny fan made, tym razem loading screen.




Sunlight hurts my eyes! DICE ponoć rozważało zmniejszenie efektu "rażenia" słońca, ciekawe czy w końcu wprowadzą jakieś zmiany. Na niektórych mapach.. ekhem.. na każdej słońce za grubo wypala gały. Edited by vinoo

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Przypadkiem nie zacząłeś łapać freezów po patchu/aktualizacji origin? Przeinstaluj go, wcześniej zrób backupa bf3. Jeżeli masz płytę instalacyjną to zainstaluj na świeżym originie bfa i przerzuć backupa do katalogu z grami i zastąp pliki, albo poniższe:


Navigate to your origin games directory.

Copy the battefield 3 folder to your backup location.

Install Origin on the new PC.

Copy the backup back into your Origin games folder.

Open Notepad and copy paste the bellow text.

Edit the correct path to the Origin Games folder, eg C:\\Program Files\\Origin Games\\ (Remember to double backslash "\\" instead of "\" for the path, in both "GDFBinary" and "Install Dir" fields.

Save the notepad doc as bf3.reg, select "All Files" under the drop menu "Save as type".

Run the registry file and add to registry.

Open Origin, it will say preparing for a while until the process completes checking the files.

Play game.


Here is the text which works for my setup, my orgin games folder is under C:\Games\Orgin Games. Edit appropriately for your setup.



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"GDFBinary"="C:\\games\\Origin Games\\Battlefield 3\\GDFBinary_en_US.dll"


"DisplayName"="Battlefield 3™"


"Product GUID"="{76285C16-411A-488A-BCE3-C83CB933D8CF}"

"Install Dir"="C:\\games\\Origin Games\\Battlefield 3\\"

Edited by vinoo

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