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Best Performance for the price?

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I recently upgraded from a GTX760 to a GTX1050TI. I noticed a slight improvement but nothing extraordinary. I mainly play Fortnite. I'm basically looking to stay at 144hz or above CONSISTENTLY at game settings of: View Distance - Epic, and everything else set to low or off. Currently I stay around 144 but I drop as low as 80 sometimes in areas where there is a lot to process such as a lot of buildings, a lot of extra build battles, etc...I would also like this GPU to have the potential to run 240hz pretty consistently in the future with the same settings if I have the ability to upgrade my monitor. Hoping you guys have more experience then I do in this field and can recommend the best performance for the best cost. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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1. ) I not sure - spam or not spam ?

2. ) incorrect subforum .

2. ) What type cpu and ram you have ?

Q9400 + 6 GB DDR2 ( you mentioned in second your thread in forum ) or something different ?

GTX1050Ti is card for mediacore gaming , for gaming in 144+ hz you must gave GTX1060 6GB or more and modern CPU like I5 8xxx / I5 9xxx ( or even I7 8xxx / I7 9xxx ) / R5 2600 .



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