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MIRANDA IM - pomoc, konfiguracja, wtyczki

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Mam ten sam problem: nie widzę avatarów na GG. Przegrzebałem chyba wszystkie opcje tego dotyczące i wciąż nic. Oto VersionInfo:


CPU: Intel® Pentium® M processor 1.86GHz [x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8] [DEP enabled]

Installed RAM: 2040 MBytes

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate [version: 6.1.7600 ]

Shell: explorer.exe, Internet Explorer 9.0.7930

Administrator privileges: Yes

OS Languages: (UI | Locale (User/System)) : English/English | Polish/Polish

Free disk space on Miranda partition: 1434 MBytes

Miranda path: C:\Users\forteller\Documents\My Dropbox\Progz\Miranda IM

Miranda IM version: 0.9.10 Unicode

Build time: 02:30:40 on 01 November 2010

Profile path: C:\Users\forteller\Documents\My Dropbox\Progz\Miranda IM\Profiles

Profile size: <error 2 at FileOpen>C:\Users\forteller\Documents\My Dropbox\Progz\Miranda IM\Profiles\forteller.dat

Profile creation date: <error 2 at FileOpen>C:\Users\forteller\Documents\My Dropbox\Progz\Miranda IM\Profiles\forteller.dat

Language pack: No language pack installed

Nightly: No

Unicode core: Yes


Active Plugins (19):

¤ advaimg.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - Miranda Image services

¤ avs.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - Avatar service (Unicode)

¤ clist_modern.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - Modern Contact List '09 |Unicode aware|

¤ dbx_mmap.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - Miranda mmap database driver |Unicode aware|

¤ GG.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - Gadu-Gadu Protocol

¤ historypp.dll v. [03 Nov 2008] - History++ (2in1)

¤ ieview.dll v. [23 Nov 2010] - IEView |Unicode aware|

¤ import.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - Import contacts and messages |Unicode aware|

¤ KeepStatus.dll v. [26 Jul 2008] - KeepStatus

¤ msn.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - MSN Protocol |Unicode aware|

¤ mtextcontrolW.dll v. [08 Jul 2010] - Miranda Text Control (unicode)

¤ PopUpW.dll v. [08 Jul 2010] - PopUp Plus (Unicode)

¤ RemovePersonalSettings.dll v. [02 Sep 2007] - Remove Personal Settings |Unicode aware|

¤ spellcheckerW.dll v. [21 Nov 2009] - Spell Checker |Unicode aware|

¤ StartupStatus.dll v. [22 Aug 2010] - StartupStatus (Unicode)

¤ stopspam.dll v. [10 Aug 2009] - StopSpam+ |Unicode aware|

¤ svc_vi.dll v. [14 Apr 2008] - Version Information |Unicode aware|

¤ tabsrmm.dll v. [01 Nov 2010] - TabSRMM (Unicode)

¤ tipper.dll v. [06 Nov 2010] - Tipper YM |Unicode aware|

Ktoś ma jakieś propozycje (inne niż @mystery)?


Ponadto, czy jest plugin pozwalający otwierać linki bezpośrednio z opisów?

Edited by michu_roztocz

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Witam, jak ustawic w mirandzie v0.10.0 #2 x64, zeby po wlaczenu automatycznie laczyla z GG na niewidocznym ?. Teraz od razu laczy na dostepny, nie moge znalezc tej opcji, wiem ze kiedys byla.

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Porządki w dziale:

Odpinam ten temat z powodu braku nowych postów od 5 lat :)

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