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Trance / house / techno

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Secik ode mnie :wink:


1.Roald Velden - Without Regret (Original Mix)

2.Flash Brothers, Malissa Larson - Look Up (G-Tek Remix)

3.Paul Keeley feat.Natalie Peris - Disco Belle(Dub Mix)

4.Claes Rosen - Chimera (Original Mix)


6.Rainbow Addict - Solar Spin (meHiLove Remix)

7.Hiroyuki Oda - Submarine (Shingo Nakamura Remix)

8.Second Left Feat. Susie Ledge - Colour The Sound (Darren Tate ReMix)

9.Mehilove - Where Are U Now (Original Mix)





Zdecydowanie Polecam :D


Bonusik - Link

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Secik ode mnie :wink:


1.Michael Cassette - Crockett's Theme (Original Mix)

2.Claes Rosen - Boogie Breeze (Original Mix)

3.Ian Pooley - Heaven

4.Jorge Nava & Tucandeo Ft. Frida Harnesk - Somewhere I Belong (Vitodito Remix)

5.Mindset - Jakarta (Original Mix)

6.Ad Brown & Proff Feat.Hannah Ray - Scared

7.Garetta - Arctic Heaven (Paul Vernon Remix)

8.Arkia - Duality (Original Mix)

9.Poshout feat. Victoria Raznyh - Fallen World (Ilya Soloviev Dub Mix)

10.Light On - Sixth Avenue (Perfect Vision Remix)

11.ReOrder & Dave Deen Feat Irena Love - Again (Original Mix)

12.Dave Shifting - My Way (Oliver Imseng Remix)

13.Bushi - Last Sun (Original Mix)



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Sergey Alymov - Emotion In Motion 089


Dołączona grafika


Abdomen Burst vs. Soundprank - Detachment

Arty - Kate (Original Mix)

A.M.R. - Sand Dunes (Estiva Remix)

Aiera Osiris - Supra (Daniel Kandi Pres Timmus Mix)

Ronski Speed And Cressida - Glueck (Club Mix)

Marc Marberg & Kyau and Albert - Neo Love (Dennis Sheperd Remix)

Allure featuring Christian Burns - On The Wire (W&W Remix)

DJ Aligator - Starting Over (Club Version)

Mark Eteson, Audrey Gallagher - Breathe On My Own (Original Mix)

Ruben De Ronde - Timide (Andrew Rayel Remix)


Sergey Alymov - Emotion In Motion 089 – Сергей Алымов / Sergey Alymov

Sergey Alymov - Emotion In Motion 089 by alymov on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Sergey Alymov - Sergey Alymov - Emotion In Motion 089 | Mixcloud - Re-think radio

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Secik ode mnie :wink:


1.Schodt - Gianni

2.Pacific! feat. El Perro Del Mar - Unspoken (Anoraak Remix)

3.Labtracks - Robotic Love (Emil Gallier Remix)

4.J-Soul vs. Morcheeba - Follow The World Looking In (Gaben & Phil Mashup)

5.Hazem Beltagui - Awake & Dreaming (Original Mix)

6.Miroslav Vrlik - Heat Of The Night (Original Mix)

7.Devilect - Just Smile (Solid Stone's On The Beach Remix)

8.Creep Ft. Romy - Days (Super8 Tab Remix)

9.Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel - The Spirit & The Harmony (Vocal Mix)

10.The Blizzard & Omnia - My Inner Island (Original Mix)

11.Aiera Osiris - Supra (Daniel Kandi Pres. Timmus Mix)

12.4 Strings vs Morgan Page - Take Me Away vs The Longest Road (Art Inc. Mashup)

13.Arkia - Duality (Original Mix)

14.Plexland - Full Moon (Original Mix)

15.C-Systems vs Andain - Beautiful Daylight (Tommy Reid Mashup of DNS Project Remix)

16.Alex Frolov - Waiting For Sunlight Evening (Original Mix)

17.Hoyaa Pres Lunar System - Cold Wave (Suncatcher Remix)

18.Cloudriver- Daylight (Right Face Remix)

19.Oen Bearen & Cylum - Greenwalking (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)

20.Den Rize & Mark Andrez - Naiad (Original Mix)


Playlista dosyć pokaźna B-)



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Secik ode mnie :wink:


1.Valentin - Jane Doe (Original Mix)

2.PROFF & Answer42 - Cosmos (Original Mix)

3.Solarity - Essence (G-Tek Remix)

4.Invisible Sounds - Miami Sunset feat. Duality (Sunn Jellie Remix)

5.Andy van Kayne - Azure Dreamland (Original Mix)

6.Aerotek - One Step Closer (Original Mix)

7.Schodt and Sundriver feat. Aida Fenhel - Here With Me (Schodt Vocal Mix)

8.Hiroyuki ODA - Thirty (Kiwamu Remix)

9.Arkia - The Fabric Of Space And Time

10.Chris Reece feat. Nadia Ali - The Notice (Sunn Jellie Remix)

11.JP Bates & Antonia Lucas - Closer (ReOrder Remix)

12.Sonic Division And Spychool - Panta Rhei (Original Mix)

13.Aerotek - Time To Leave It All Behind (Original Mix)

14.Rave Channel - Song For You (Sean Truby Remix)

15.Ultimate - Wonderland (Colonial One Remix)

16.Cylum And Velden - Mirror Lake (Original Mix)

17.Matt Pincer - Luminous Soul (Original Mix)

18.Solis - True To Me (Suncatcher Remix)



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miazga od Kandiego :blink: Z najnowszej kompilacji armina Universal Religion Chapter 5, ktora polecam bo cala jest w takich klimatach. Bez poptransu ;) druga nuta tez z tej plyty

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv0vaFpSnhg&ob=av2e http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzMAH2VMJ7o

Edited by Carson

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Secik ode mnie :wink:


1.Aerotek - Dancefloor Behaviour (Original Mix)

2.Schodt - You And Me (Sundriver remix)

3.Dezza - Feel Good (Hazem Beltagui's Sunrise Remix)

4.Aerotek - Azucar Rubia (Original Mix)

5.William Orbit - Purdy (Chicane Remix)

6.Chimera State - Crimson Rain (Original Mix)

7.Chicane vs Moar Levi- Bruised Water Reflects (PapiCo mashup)

8.Arkia - Stratosphere

9.Sonic Division & Spychool - Crying Dew

10.Gareth Emery - Metropolis (Original Mix)

11.Breakfast - The Sunlight (Naden remix)

12.Willem De Roo - Velvet Destiny (Original Mix)

13.Oliver Smith - Nimbus

14.Ferrin & Morris & Sequentia - Niagara (Original Mix)

15.Arty - Rush (Dan Stone Remix)

16.Haris C feat. Anthya - Tonight (Midnight Rushs Monday Dub Mix)

17.Airwalker - Still Alive



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Przedwczoraj do sieci wycieknal nowy album Justice (Audio, Video, Disco - premiera 19'go)... jesli ktos jeszcze nie slyszal to goraco polecam.

Linkow nie bede wklejal kazdy chyba potrafi sobie znalezc, to bedzie jeden z 1 krazkow od lat ktory mam zamiar kupic. :wink:


Nie do konca Trance / Techno ale podobne klimaty.


Dołączona grafika

Edited by kelcior

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