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  1. Fallouta 1,2 mozesz grac i grac zawsze mozesz wybrac bycie dobrym lub zlym :D liczyc ile osob zabiles itd;] staty mozezs roznie gre przejsc rozne zakoniczenia :D dlatego uwielbiam ta gre ten kilmat muze ogolnie wszystko

    Pozdrawiam Fanow Fallouta i crpg rpg PostNuklear;D

  2. Here's a list of what this mod changes so far:




    * The yellow keycard on the dead Enclave soldier in Klamath canyon has been replaced with a

    blue keycard, which can open the door at Navarro that frees Xarn.

    * Fixed a bug in Slim Picket regarding his charge for raising your Outdoorsman skill.

    * Changed the description of the corpse in Trapper Town.


    The Den


    * Fixed the Nuka-Cola machine in Tubby's so it now despenses Nuka-Cola like the other machines


    * Becky no longer thinks that you destroyed her still if you just talked Frankie into buying

    liquor from her.

    * Fixed a bug in how your barter skill affects the amount Meztger pays for your companions.

    * The members of Tyler's gang should now attack you if you attack whoever's guarding the church


    * Fixed an error in One-Tooth Billy's float dialogue.




    * Jo no longer calls Grisham "Grishum".

    * Grisham no longer calls Balthas "Balthus".

    * The game no longer locks up when you have sex with Miria or Davin after killing Grisham, or

    when Grisham can't get into the bedroom.

    * Fixed a bug that caused Grisham to keep asking for $1500 to compensate for his brahmin,

    regardless of whether or not you've already paid him.

    * Fixed a bug that caused your followers to stop following you around town if you successfully

    convince Grisham that you were just giving Miria or Davin a physical when he catches you

    having sex with them.

    * When you sleep with one of Grisham's kids, your inventory is no longer dropped onto the

    ground (since it's a real pain to pick back up). Instead, your armor is removed.


    Vault City


    * The guards in the courtyard of Vault City now acknowledge your status as Captain of the Guard

    (before they just called you a citizen).

    * You can now get the good ending for Vault City.

    * You can now get radiated by drinking from the well in Vault City's courtyard if you haven't

    fixed the Gecko Power Plant.

    * Fixed a bug in Happy Harry's stock, where he still has a bunch of expensive items in his

    inventory after you end dialogue.

    * If Cassidy has the heart pills in his inventory, you can safely use drugs on him that would

    normally give him a heart attack.

    * Fixed a bug that causes you to become trapped in Vault City's armoury if you try to break in

    as a servant.

    * Fixed a bug causes Valerie to just give you back a new cattle prod instead of an upgraded one

    if you ask her for a discount.

    * Fixed a bug that made it difficult to get Dr. Troy to ask you to bring him some jet after the

    v1.02 patch.

    * Fixed the bug in the Vault City Ammenities Sub-Officers that caused them to charge less if

    you weren't a citizen.

    * Randal's prices are now higher (since the person who programmed Vault City wrote all of the

    barter modifiers so that they did the exact opposite of what was intended).

    * The gate guards no longer call Marcus a "ghoul" or Lenny a "mutant."




    * You can now get the good ending for Gecko.

    * You can now get Harold's ending.

    * You can now get radiated by drinking from the well Gecko if you haven't fixed the Power


    * The reactor keys in Gecko have been moved. Now, the only yellow key is on Harold's desk, and

    the only red key is in Festus' locker.

    * Fixed a bug that made Skeeter upgrade your weapons for free if your barter skill is greater

    than 90%.




    * Lou in Redding now marks San Fransisco on your map if you ask her where it is.

    * You can now cure Fannie Mae's jet addiction.

    * You can now stop the bar brawl in Redding by just talking to both of the miners about the

    sheriff's handicap.

    * Marge no longer says that Dan supports NCR.

    * You must now kill all the Wanamingos in Redding's mine before you get EXP and can sell the

    deed back.

    * Removed the "Reserved Item" that Stanwell is carrying in Redding.


    New Reno


    * Now in order to assasinate Salvatore, you need to plant the poison tank on him and steal his

    oxygen tank.

    * Several bug fixes with T-Ray:

    o He will now actually have batteries.

    o Now he'll correctly measure your speech and charisma when you claim you're one of

    Bishop's lieutenants (before he only believed you if you had low speech and/or


    o He will no longer say that he has batteries for sale just because you have some in your


    o Now he'll actually give you the car upgrade or the batteries if you sleep with him for


    * Several bug fixes with Eldridge:

    o He will no longer attack you if you ask him for upgrades after beating the Enclave.

    o He no longer grossly overcharges you.

    o He no longer upgrades your weapons for free when your barter skill is greater than 90%.

    * The New Reno bartenders now charge you LESS (instead of MORE) when you're a prizefighter or

    have beaten the Enclave.

    * Killing Myron or convincing him to leave will now lower the Mordinos' power instead of

    increasing it.

    * The hole in the wall of the Cat's Paw has been filled in so you can no longer run through it.

    * Fixed a bug that causes a what was ment to be a debug message appear in the display when you

    pay Renesco money for the mine part.

    * Fixed the bug where Miss Kitty would always charge $703 for dramatic requests, regardless of

    the many modifiers that lower her price.

    * You can now get S.A.D. on your map via a map in Sam Pritchard's grave in Golgotha.

    * Removed the broken NCR disk in the back of Eldridge's store.

    * Added old man McGee and his rusty slot machine to Bishop's casino. He's the old guy that you

    were able to ask the bartender about, but his script (and his slot machine's) were

    mysteriously absent from the map.

    * Patched a small hole in a wall on the second floor of Bishop's casino.

    * Patched a hole in a shelf in T-Ray's office, and added a missing corner to the southern

    building of the chop shop.

    * You can now get the secret stash under the "Trash" cross in Golgotha without knowing about

    the grenades hidden in a toilet in the Mordino Casino.


    Sierra Army Depot


    * The terminal on the second floor of the Sierra Army Depot now correctly disables the force

    fields and shock plates.

    * Fixed a continuity error with a couple of the dates given by Skynet.

    * The pointless tripwire in S.A.D. has been replaced by a line of traps.

    * When you activate the alarm on level 1 of S.A.D., it will now correctly activate the alarm

    and release the brain bots within the adjacent secret room, instead of giving you a permanent

    artificial RadAway addiction.

    * You can no longer turn off the alarm on level 2 of S.A.D. by both attempting to disable it

    and hacking into the computer, thus giving you the EXP for both.

    * You can no longer walk on top of the pot on level 3 containing a holodisk.

    * Changed the descriptions of the dead corpses outside.


    Broken Hills


    * Fixed an infinite money bug in Broken Hills, where the Refinery Supervisor would keep giving

    you money to let him keep the refined uranium. Real players don't exploit bugs.

    * Patched a hole in one of the houses in Broken Hills.

    * Fixed a bug that caused you to become stuck in dialogue mode with Liz.

    * Doc Holiday will no longer take money from stupid players without healing them.




    * Myron will now be removed from your party if you sell him to Merk, all of his items will be

    moved to your inventory, and you will not be able to get him back. Big loss.

    * You can no longer get the mutagenic serum from Dr. Henry if you already did that quest


    * The stairway in Merk's basement has been fixed so it doesn't appear to be going through the


    * The Stockman's Association sign is now in Duppo's shop.

    * Fixed the Nuka-Cola machine outside of the slavers' pens so it now despenses Nuka-Cola like

    the other machines do.

    * The townsfolk will no longer display "Error" as floating text.


    Vault 15


    * Zeke is no longer pissed off when you come back to see them after being annexed by NCR.


    Vault 13


    * You can now save the deathclaws by killing Dr. Schreber at Navarro, preventing their

    slaughter. In addition, if you also fix their computer, you will get the good ending for

    Vault 13 in the endgame sequence.

    * Joseph in Vault 13 will no longer double your radiation when you ask him to cure you.


    San Francisco


    * The Captain of the tanker will no longer say that your people are on the oil rig if you

    weren't even aware that they were abducted.

    * Dr. Fung now correctly installs the dermal and phoenix enhancements (before he wouldn't

    remove the initial dermal or pheonix perk before giving you the enhancement perk, so the game

    only acknowledged the initial implant perk, so you were just paying him a lot of money to

    take your combat armor and beat you with an ugly stick).

    * You can now get an ending for the Hubologists.

    * Several holes in the walls in the Hubologists' base, were filled in so you can no longer run

    through them.

    * Fixed a hole in one of the walls in the BOS base.




    * Now Sarge and the Commander in Navarro uses the male Enclave Patrol prototype. Given Sarge

    had a male voice in dialogue, and soldiers refer to the commander as "he," this change was

    for continuity.


    The Oil Rig


    * Frank Horrigan is now classified as "Robotic", and his EMP damage resistance and threshold

    have been adjusted accordingly, meaning he can be damaged by pulse grenades. This was done

    because according to Seargent Granite, "he's more than half machine."

    * Fixed an alarm light on the maze floor that didn't have a script assigned, and thus would

    never light up.

    * You can now get President Richardson's ending, though I haven't been able to get the picture

    to display properly yet.


    Global Fixes (a.k.a. Things that don't fit anyplace else)


    * Fixed several typos in the dialogues that aren't worth mentioning individually.

    * You won't keep re-encountering the Cafe of Broken Dreams on the world map.

    * You can now get the second Monty Python Holy Hand Grenade encounter.

    * The empty hypodermic now weighs nothing.

    * Fire geckos now have pelts.

    * Changed the way a few items look when dropped on the ground:

    o The gold tooth now looks like a gold nugget.

    o The poison tank and the oxygen tank now look the same.

    o The 8-ball now looks like a grenade.

    o Flint now looks like a rock.

    o Gecko pelts (regular, golden, and fire) now look like dead geckos.

    * Added a custom character file which has all stats set to 10.

    * The pulse rifle now has a projectile.

    * The turbo plasma rifle now only costs 4 AP to fire.

    * You can now get the location of the Mariposa Military Base from travelers (this had been

    prevented by a bug).

    * The FN FAL HPFA now has a description.

    * The HK P90c now uses 9mm ammo (as it does in real life).

  3. gurde;D instaluje fallout 2 :D zagram sobie;) hehe :) bo juz od tego gadania narobilem sobie ochoty!!!!!:D Mutants!!Die;DPlasma i goggo wy jakiej broni uzwacie ? plazmy ? czy power first ?:) snajpera czy "koksa" ?:)

  4. hehe byla opcja turow lub normalnie i powini tak zrobic w 3 :P ja czasami gralem turowo :P jak bylo ciezko :P a jak mi sie spieszylo :D i lebsza bron to bez tur ale wsumie MUSI byc turowo:P wkonicu poto sa AP :) btw ja przeszlem 25 razy :D znam 1 i 2 na pamiec;D

  5. Dzisiaj przewertowalem caly net;D od irca przez www po p2p i grafe w poszukiwaniu INFO o fallout 3 :) .

    Po 1 Fallout 3 Bedzie !!!! termin jeszcze nie jest okreslony ... :) ( prawdopodobnie do przyszlego roku ) ...W interplay byl prawie ukoniczony gdy tworca fallout odszedl .. zaja sie inna gra teraz powraca do fallout 3 chce zbudowac w oparciu o engin fallout 1 , 2 :D ... podaje linki po Eng do newsow ;) i fotke;D


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    Pozdrawiam Fanow Fallout :)

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