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Następne mobo od Liska i znowu z nForce'm. Już sie smutałem, że Foxconn zapomniał o nForce'sie.

Dołączona grafika


Dołączona grafika


Dołączona grafika

Based on the NVIDIA® 750a SLI chipset


Supports latest socket AM2+ processors



NVIDIA SLI™ capability



2* PCIe x16 Gen2.0 slots



Hybrid SLI™ technology with GeForce® Boost and HybridPower™



7.1 channel HD audio with Low ESR capacitors for improved audio performance



DTS CONNECT™ and Dolby Digital Live™ certified audio



Twin BIOS enables easy re-flashing and guards against BIOS loss



100% SOLID Capacitor design and Ferrite Choke power delivery ensure a stable basis for overclocking and increased reliability



Dual Digital Audio function enables separation of 2 different sound sources from your PC, and also provides 2 digital audio outputs via S/PDIF Coaxial and Fiber



FoxOne™ Premium Windows-based overclocking and system monitoring


6* SATAII, Dual eSATA, 2 FireWire and 12* USB2.0 connectors deliver more connectivity options



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